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About Me

Having started my training at day release at Worcester College, I went on to attend a full-time course at the then Birmingham Polytechnic before completing my finals at night school. All this whilst working during the day, and juggling the various aspects of being a Mum in between. It was definitely a grounding in developing my organisational skills!

Initially I worked in industry, both large multinational businesses and small independent companies. This gave me a huge insight into how many different aspects there are to being an accountant. During this time, I realised that I was more suited to the more involved hands-on atmosphere that working for a small company brings.

The company I worked for in 1999 had a small subsidiary. They needed someone to help with their monthly accounts, and so my self-employment started! My client list grew slowly over the next few years, mainly friends and friends of friends, and in 2011 when I was made redundant I decided to become completely self employed.
Since then I have developed my client-base, which still includes that first small company, and now includes several small-medium limited companies, self-employed sole traders, as well as individuals who need help with their self-assessment tax returns.